How these two young boys defy the taboos in Les Amitiés Particuliers

The handsome Georges de Sarre (interpreted by Francis Lacombrade) entered the Saint-Claude Catholic boarding school, which was headed by severe clergymen. It is within this austere and religious framework that Georges discovers with surprise that there are unacknowledged homosexual relations between some of his gay comrades. Besides, he himself meets the cute Alexandre Motier (interpreted by Didier Haudepin). The two young boys fall in love with each other irresistibly. But there is the pressure exerted by certain priests who are not very clear. The love letters that the two young lovers Georges and Alexandre write to each other will be at the heart of their tragic history.

This wonderful love film between adolescents is beautiful, romantic and very sad. Pure emotions!

Francis Lacombrade et Didier Haudepin jouent Georges de Sarre et Alexandre Motier dans le film Les Amitiés particulières de Jean Delannoy sorti en 1964

The film Les Amitiés particulières produced by Jean Delannoy in 1964 is adapted from the novel of the same name written by Roger Peyrefitte and published by the publisher Jean Vigneau in 1943. This autobiographical novel won the Renaudot Prize for its author.

Didier Haudepin et Francis Lacombrade jouent Alexandre Motier et Georges de Sarre dans le film Les Amitiés particulières de Jean Delannoy sorti en 1964 - Caresses

Watch this montage with extracts from the film Les Amitiés Particulières by Jean Delannoy broadcast by Cherry Youth edited with the song Lolita interpreted by Lana Del Rey

Information on the audiovisual work

Title: Les Amitiés Particulières

French movie

Release Date: September 4, 1964

Production: Jean Delannoy, assisted of François Dupont-Midi

Scenario: Jean Aurenche and Pierre Bost (dialogues), based on the novel by Roger Peyrefitte

Director of photography: Christian Matras

Format: 35mm – black and white – Ratio: 1.66: 1

Music: Jean Prodromidès

Producer: Christine Gouze-Rénal

Production companies: Lux Compagnie Cinématographique de France and Progéfi

Editing: Louisette Hautecoeur

Genre: Dramatic film

Duration: 100 minutes

TV news (1964) devoted part of its antenna to Jean Delannoy’s film. There is an interview with the actors Didier Haudepin and Francis Lacombrade.

TV news 8 p.m., 1964, Les amitiés particulières

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