How did the strong friendship between Léo (Eden Cambrine) and Rémi (Gustav De Waele) change so much in Close the drama film directed by Lukas Dhont

We get attached to the characters because we follow Léo and Rémi very closely in their environment filled with love and nature. Each gesture, each glance contributes to the growth of a rare and exceptional friendship between boys. We are touched, softened because Léo is so friendly towards Rémi. Leo is also very enterprising in their relationship. Rémi, quite shy, is under her spell. Who else too? We are like the little mouse who attends these privileged moments between the two teenagers.

But at school, among the other students, we share a certain fear. Because the framework is different. He is much more uncertain and hostile. So behaviors change. We are sorry for Leo’s choices. We feel sorry for Rémi. We end up resenting Leo. But why ? What is he doing ? What does he want in the end? We even come to hate him despite his blond angel face. Leo hides behind a desolate mask, but he finally reveals the truth and releases what weighs on his heart. Who understands it? Will Rémi’s mother be able to forgive him? And we, could we forgive him?

Rémi (Gustav De Waele), Léo (Eden Cambrine)

Original Title: Close
Director: Lukas Dhont
Screenplay: Lukas Dhont and Angelo Tijssens
Music: Valentin Hadjadj
Set design: Eve Martin
Costumes: Manu Verschueren
Photography: Frank van den Eeden
Sound: Yanna Soentjens
Editing: Alain Dessauvage
Producer: Michiel Dhont and Dirk Impens
Co-production: Jacques-Henri Bronckart, Arnold Heslenfeld, Laurette Schillings and Frans van Gestel
Production companies3: Minuet Producties; Versus Production and VTM (Belgium); Topkapi Films (Netherlands); Diaphana Films (France)
Distribution companies3: Lumière Publishing (Belgium), Diaphana Distribution (France)
Country of production: Belgium / Netherlands / France
Original languages: Dutch, French, Flemish
Format: color — 1.66:1
Genre: Drama
Duration: 105 minutes
Release dates:
France: May 26, 2022 (Cannes Film Festival); November 1, 2022 (domestic release)4
Belgium: November 2, 2022
Netherlands: November 3, 2022
French-speaking Switzerland: November 9, 2022

Eden Dambrine, Lukas Dhont, Gustav De Waele

Eden Dabrine: Leo
Gustav De Waele: Remi
Emilie Dequenne: Sophie, Rémi’s mother
Léa Drucker as Nathalie, Leo’s mother
Igor Van Dessel: Charlie, Leo’s older brother
Kevin Janssens as Peter, Remi’s father
Marc WeissYves
Leon Bataille: Baptist