About What Is Femboy.fr?


What is Femboy.fr?

Femboy.fr is the site for feminine boys, in other words boys who look like girls. Although moving, the complete definition of a femboy is determined by Femboy.fr.

At Femboy.fr we consider that the beauty of femboys deserves to be highlighted in today’s media. This is why we created this online magazine in tribute to the femboys.

In accordance with our editorial line and the law in force, we publish articles of analyzes and courtesies citations in a but exclusive of immediate information on the subject of femboys. We distribute visibility by relaying the works disclosed on the Internet that we select and reference according to our detailed definition of femboy. Thanks to our curation work, our mission, as a publisher of digital content on the internet, is to share our passion for femboys in order to promote and promote femboys.

For any message, you can contact the administration of Femboy.fr.

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