This shy girl crossdresses as a boy to be loved by a popular gay – La Plus Belle pour aller danser (2023) by Victoria Bedos

At school, the shy Marie-Luce has no friends. The other students ignore her, make fun of her, humiliate her. When the handsome Emile arrives in her class as a newcomer, it’s love at first sight, she immediately falls in love. So she tries to get closer to him. But he doesn’t seem to be attracted to her. Especially since the influential girls in his class, led by the beautiful Chloé, are all fighting to be with Emile. Consequently, the latter’s popularity climbs while that of Marie-Luce remains at a standstill thus making Marie-Luce’s love for Emile more and more impossible.

On the occasion of a party between students to which she is not invited, Marie-Luce disguises herself as a boy to go anyway and see Emile again. There, no one recognizes her. Even Emile thinks he sees a real boy. Marie-Luce takes the opportunity to pass herself off as a new guy named Léo. This character is very popular with both girls and boys. As soon as he registered on social networks, Leo’s popularity soared, he was invited everywhere. Thus Léo and Emile find themselves together more and more.

But how will Marie-Luce be able to truly love Emile who has fallen in love with the character of Leo that she invented?

As Léo, the actress Brune Moulin who plays Marie-Luce passes for a very cute boy, a good little femboy with short hair as we like them. As for Loup Pinard who embodies Emile, he is beardless, so he could also pass for a handsome femboy.

Original title: La Plus Belle pour aller danser
Directed by: Victoria Bedos
Screenplay: Victoria Bedos and Louis Pénicaut
Release date: April 19, 2023