Femboy: What is the definition?

What's a Femboy?

What is a Femboy ?


A femboy is a feminine boy, that means a boy who looks like a girl.

In fact femboy is a word composed of fem- for feminine and boy. Obviously, if a boy has an appearance that makes it difficult to distinguish clearly whether it is a boy or a girl, then we could speak of an “androgynous boy“.

In addition, to speak of a boy who looks like a girl, we also use terms like femboieffeminate boy, sissy boy, wimpwomanish man, girlish boy, poofy boy, womanly man, prissy boy.

So the idea is to designate a boy whose physical appearance, clothing style and behavior are those which are traditionally recognized among girls of a given society at a given time.

Finally, the definition of femboy therefore depends on the space-time framework considered. In this case we are considering urban society at the time of 21st century globalization, in a cyber-connected world.

Based on this definition, it is possible to propose a table that ranks the appearance of Femboy boys according to their degree of masculinity and femininity.

DegreeAppearance measurementIt looks like…
0≃ 100% masculinity
≃ 0% femininity
… it’s a boy (nobody talks about femboy)
1≃ 75% masculinity
≃ 25% femininity
… it’s a boyish femboy
2≃ 50% masculinity
≃ 50% femininity
… he is an androgynous femboy who makes both boy and girl
3≃ 25% masculinity
≃ 75% femininity
… it’s a girlish femboy
4≃ 0% masculinity
≃ 100% femininity
… it’s a girl (nobody talks about femboy, because nobody suspects)

Appearance is measured according to the criteria visible in the context of a given society.

For example if we take the shoe criterion in the context of 21st century France, we will say in a cliché that:
– the stilettos are 100% feminine (degree 4 on the Femboy scale);
– sneakers are 50% female and 50% male (level 2 on the Femboy scale);
– derby is 100% male (degree 0 on the Femboy scale).

That said, everyone has their opinion on the question of what is feminine and what is masculine. The debate is yours!

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Femboy = Feminine Boy

Femboy or Not Femboy

Commonly used in practice, especially on the internet, the word femboy is not yet listed in the dictionary. Thus this term can be the subject of controversies. Everyone could have their own definition. This is why it can be considered sometimes positively, sometimes negatively.

Beyond the debate, we choose to use the word in its neutral sense, originally to designate a female boy, a boy who looks like a girl.

emo emoboy
emo emokid emoboy

Femboy is an image

Images have the power to change the world. Because they inspire behavior. Obviously, behaviors are changing the world.

It should be noted that the image of the femboy communicates ideas from a certain vision of life. This is the life that many people around the world live. People who express what they are and who deserve the full attention of Femboy.fr, the magazine for female boys.

Femboy is a model

The person who qualifies as a femboy does not identify with the classic image of the virile and even macho man put forward by the majority of people in our society today.

Indeed, having its own definition of beauty, the femboy is developing an alternative fashion playing with male and female codes. This fashion inspires and becomes the reference of a generation.

emo emoboy emokid scene sceneboy
emo emoboy Johnnie Guilbert

Femboy is freedom

In a way, the concept of femboy is a way of rebelling against standardized beauty standards.

What is more, the femboy refuses to comply with the moral rules which dictate what to do or not to do in areas of freedom. Since freedom consists in being able to do everything that does not harm others, he is attached to this value.

Since the world can be cruel to those who go beyond its framework, it is good to have figures who instill courage and strength to be what we want to be.

Femboy is an art

Resolutely, the idea of ​​femboy describes an art of living, a human history. This idea is constantly redefined according to space and time. It crosses all cultures and all eras. She is an inspiring vision of society, which could disturb some intolerant people.

This is why it is a loved or hated idea. It does not leave indifferent. Thus it inspires artists who, in turn, become sources of inspiration, emotion and creation.

It is the magic industry at the service of the enchantment of the world.

emo emoboy emokid heart wall

Femboy is a banner

For the femboy alone who could suffer from ostracism, from being sidelined by other people in society, for the femboy who is looking for a model, the word femboy becomes a keyword to find other people in the same situation. It is the mark which makes it possible to recognize the like among the multitude. It allows you to group around an idea, a way of life. Unity is strength. Establishing itself at the forefront, it is a source of inspiration for those who want a different vision of life.

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1 - Femboy's body


The femboy does indeed have a boy’s body with a male sex.

Those who do not know it could wrongly think that the femboy would be a boy with female physical attributes, a hermaphrodite, a kind of third sex. But he is not, he is a good man.

As in all groups, puberty is more or less developed from one individual to another. From one femboy to another, the natural resemblance to a woman is more or less marked.

Genetically it has an X chromosome and a Y chromosome. Anatomically it has a penis and testicles. Everything works perfectly. In adolescence his testosterone level increases. His male genitals increase in volume, pubic and body hair appear, the voice becomes more serious, sperm production begins, sexual desire arises.

Therefore, its general appearance is that of a boy.



The transsexual person and the femboy should not be confused. The transsexual person (a man born man turned woman) is always a femboy. But a femboy is not always a transsexual person. Indeed, some femboys could be cisgender, that is to say accept their male biological sex and identify with the male gender. On the other hand, other femboys could be transgender, that is to say, not accept their masculine biological sex and identify with the feminine gender. So the transgender femboy likes to be called “her”. While the femboy cisgenre appreciates that it is designated by “he”. On the other hand, people may not give importance to gender. Whether these people are non-binary, gender fluid or others, they can be referred to as both feminine and masculine.


Like most men, the femboy removes the mustache and beard. Certainly in today’s men’s fashion, there is a growing trend towards the preservation of mustaches and beards (bears, hipsters). But the femboy will always continue to remove these two hair elements from his face. Behind the beardlessness, there is undoubtedly a desire to appear younger.

He can also remove other hairs from his body (legs, armpits, arms, chest, belly, pubic area, sex …). But given that the hairs in particular have the function of diffusing pheromones, of awakening carnal desire, then some can leave them, by simply trimming them.

In all cases, like most humans, they take particularly good care of the hair, essential attributes for seduction.

emo emoboy emokid Alex Evans
Kim Seok-jin BTS


Unlike the majority of men who seek to develop their muscles and increase the size of the members of their body, the femboy prefers to have a slim and delicate silhouette. To some extent, some like to be thin or even skinny. Others like to have curves (chubby).

The body is a good field of exploration and experimentation for the discovering femboy. The body is a medium between the outside world and the inner being which constantly seeks to express what it really is.

Through his body, the femboy redefines the limits that separate the masculine and the feminine. It shows the different possibilities that life can offer and proves that we can become who we really are.

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2 - Femboy's style


The style results from the choices influenced by the culture in which one is.

The style of feminine boys has its origins in ancient Greek theater and traditional Japanese kabuki theater. At the time, young men dressed up to play roles of female characters. Their performance was so brilliant that these actors quickly found their audience. It is the consecration of feminine to masculine aesthetics.

This culture is fueled by artists and their admirers in various fields such as music, drawing, literature, comics, cartoons, cinema, theater, fashion, video games … So we can observe styles from pop culture, rock, punk, gothic, emo, manga, furry, visual kei, kawaï, cosplay, e-boy … It is therefore common to see femboys in places dedicated to fans like japanimation salons (Japan Expo in Paris, Japan Touch in Lyon) or passionate salons (Geek Touch in Lyon).

Japan Expo Black Butler Hetalia
emo emoboy Alex Evans


First, it is important to emphasize that unlike the cross-dresser who cross-dresses, the femboy does not necessarily dress with clothes designed for girls. On the other hand, the femboy, passionate about femininity, can dress him in feminine clothes. He can even wear sexy female lingerie. So you could call him a sissy boy. But he can also dress in clothes designed for boys while still looking like a girl.

Then, in accordance with their style, some make up with cosmetics. Thus the eyes can be underlined with a line of black pencil (eyeliner) or color. The eyelids can be made up with powder. In addition, the foundation can be used to beautify the skin.

Others wear fakes or real piercings which give a grunge side to the look. Also there are some who have tattoos on certain parts of the body.

In addition, on certain occasions, or regularly, some wear original, eccentric, often sexy clothes that can show the legs, thighs, shoulders, arms, throat, neck, …

Finally, he can decorate his style with accessories (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, headbands, bags, hats, mittens, belts, ribbons …).



Note that throughout history, the definition of male and female style has always varied. At one time, men of yesteryear wore a style that most people today would describe as feminine (for example take the effeminate courtiers at the royal court of Louis XIV).

As the story continues, maybe in the future, the majority of people will have another definition of male beauty. Perhaps the criteria that determine what is considered female or male will no longer be the same. Consequently, the very definition of the word femboy is bound to evolve.

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3 - Femboy's behavior

Behavior stems from personality.

In fact there are as many personalities as there are femboys. Personality is shaped from birth by the environment of the individual. According to the family, friendly, social, professional framework, femboys could very well be sensitive, creative, eccentric, shy, original, brilliant, brilliant, romantic … In fact all the characters can be observed.

garçon et chiot

Obviously, we can usually see that they express themselves on the internet by posting photos, videos and texts about their lives on blogs, social networks and websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Deviantart, Youtube, Aminoapps, Discord, Snapchat, TikTok …

In real life, given the propensity of others to keep them out because of their differences, they can gather under the flag of LGBT +, the rainbow colored banner of lesbians, gays, bi, trans and others.

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4 - Femboy's sexuality

The fact is that uninformed people could mistakenly equate femboy and homosexuality. However, there is no link between being a Femboy and being homosexual. Indeed, feminine boy, designates a feminine boy, a boy who looks like a girl, that’s all. Thus the word femboy is simply associated with an appearance. However, appearance is not an objective indicator of a person’s sexuality. So obviously a boy can very well look like a girl without being homosexual.

couple de punks

For example, take the case of Gerard Way who looks feminine when he sings in the alternative rock band My Chemical Romance. Although some might think he is gay, it turns out that he has been married to Lindsey Ballato since September 03, 2007. In addition to this heterosexual marriage, Bandit Lee Way was born on May 27, 2009.

Gerard Way Helena

Certainly from the physical appearance, it could follow a particular choice for a sexuality.

emokiss emoboy emo gay

In reality, sexuality is different from one femboy to another. Sexuality depends on the preferences of each person.

So a femboy can be heterosexual, or homosexual, or bisexual, or androgynosexual, or gynesexual, or proquasexual, or pansexual, or autosexual, or polysexual, or assexual, … Besides, a femboy can love another femboy, just like he can love a woman or a man not femboy whatever the appearance.

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Given the particular attraction that some people have for boys who look like girls, the word femboy is today widely used by the pornographic industry in order to precisely designate an actor style presenting the aesthetic criteria of the effeminate boy. . The femboy can resemble the twink, that is to say the young man who has just reached the legal majority to please certain homosexuals. He can also look like the ladyboy or shemale, who have the particularity of looking even more like a woman. Moreover if people think that a boy is a girl due to his apprearance, so we could talk about “trap“.

Creature of dreams, whether seen as a man or as a woman, through time and space, the femboy will always be admired and desired for its unique charm. Creature of dreams, whether seen like a man or a woman, through time and space, the femboy will always be admired and desired for its unique charm.

This is why some girls and women who have understood the power of attraction of femboys cultivate an appearance of femboy. The androgynous image of the boy who looks like a girl has something attractive. So they are girls (tomboy, tomboy or not), but like to look like boys who look like girls. Definitely the border between the feminine and the masculine can be very subtle and offers to each and everyone to redefine the gender.

The American artist Eagle Summers has published a video on Youtube in which he gives his own definition of the term Femboy.

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