Femboy, you are not alone, the love of Bo and Kim will inspire you

Peter Bjerg et Agens Anders jouent Kim et Bo dans le film Du er ikke alene (You Are Not Alone) de Lasse Nielsen sorti en 1978

Peter Bjerg et Agens Anders jouent Kim et Bo dans le film Du er ikke alene (You Are Not Alone) de Lasse Nielsen sorti en 1978

In a boarding school for young Danish boys, Bo (played by Agens Anders) discovers his love for Kim (played by Peter Bjerg) who loves him reciprocally. While some indulge in the joys of homosexual attraction, others get into trouble with the administration. Indeed, one of their comrade is expelled for having displayed erotic posters. Believing that this expulsion decision is unjust and retrograde, students revolt, like a movement for sexual liberation. Finally the boys show the school and their families a short film they made themselves. In their joint work, they illustrate one of the commandments of Jesus Christ “Love your neighbour” by showing the love of Bo and Kim embracing each other tenderly and kissing each other passionately.

Word from the editor


The characters of Bo and Kim are adorable. Bo is handsome with his pretty curly hair. Kim is sublime with her beautiful bangs and her long blond hair which gives her a very feminine side - very femboy. In addition, as it is hot, the boys wear very short shorts, which accentuates the atmosphere of freedom of this film of the 70s. Bo and Kim will delight all LGBT + people looking for a happy gay romance between young people. teenagers in nature. Enter their secret garden! You will especially fall for the scene where the naughty Bo blows on the belly of the docile Kim as one would on a baby.


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Agens Anders et Peter Bjerg jouent Bo et Kim dans le film Du er ikke alene (You Are Not Alone) de Lasse Nielsen sorti en 1978
Agens Anders and Peter Bjerg, in Du er ikke alene de Lasse Nielsen and Ernst Johansen, 1978

On Youtube, watch these excerpts from the movie Du er ikke alene (You Are Not Alone) edited with the song Beautiful Dreamer performed by Maria Brown

Indications on the audiovisual work

Original Title: Du er ikke alene

International title: You Are Not Alone

Directed by: Lasse Nielsen, Ernst Johansen

Screenplay: Lasse Nielsen, Bent Petersen

Costumes: Jette Termann

Photography: Henrik Herbert

Editing: Hanne Hass

Music: Sebastian

Producer: Steen Herdel

Production company: Steen Herdel Filmproduktion

Distribution company: Svenska Filminstitutet

Country of origin: Denmark

Language: Danish

Format: Colors (Eastmancolor) – 35 mm – 1.85:1 – Mono sound

Genre: Drama, Romance

Duration: 90 minutes

Release dates: Denmark: February 23, 1978; France: unpublished

Classification: prohibited for children under 12 (Denmark)

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