Hazbin Hotel: Vivienne Medrano Made a Pilot for Her Web-Serie Featuring Femboys Characters

Vivziepop - Hazbin Hotel - French version

“And what can you do my effeminate fellow?” Said Alastor the smiling radio demon to Angel Dust a drug addicted porn actor, before receiving a disconcerting response. At Femboy Magazine, we love the humor and the aesthetic style of this very promising American series, made by a talented team, and adapted in French by enthusiasts. Please note, this cartoon is not recommended for children!

Hazbin Hotel tells the story of Charlie, the Princess of Hell, who dreams of redemption for her people. But his project to rehabilitate souls in his hotel of happiness is mocked by the majority of the inhabitants. Fortunately, she can count on a bunch of colorful characters who follow her on her crazy adventure, each with very different motivations.

Despite all the obstacles that stand in his way, will Charlie succeed in bringing peace to Hell? Follow the Princess of Hell into the fantasy world of Vivienne Medrano, the brilliant creator of this animated musical!

Hazbin Hotel - Pilote

Credits to the video

Creation – Direction – Production: Vivenne Medrano

Writting: Dave Capdevielle, Raymond Hernandez, Vivienne Medrano, Dan MacDonald, Kendraw Cook

Production: Mitchell Haerle, Dave Capdevielle, Sara “Serval” Fisher, Nicholas “Cole” Jordan, Zach Paulus

Character design: Vivenne Medrano, Carolina Páez, Jenn Padílla, Diego Mejia Pacheco, June Vanotterdyk

Visual development: Amy Heard, Benjamín Santiago Ávila, Charlotte Giles, Faustisse, Jenn Padilla, Jepherdy Aaron Ledrew, June Vanotterdyk, Magpie Raven Blackford, Nicholas “Cole” Jordan, Omega Black, Shannon “Merv” Allen

Background artists: Alister Pekarek, Amanda Heard, Benjamín Santiago Ávila, Magpie Raven Blackford, Nicholas “Cole” Jordan, Sam Miller, Shannon “Merv”, Vivenne Medrano

Illustrators: Amanda Heard, Faustisse, Jane Walker, Jeff Delgado, Kressent Rhodes, Krooked Glasses, Omega Black, Riplae, Umbreeunix, Vivenne Medrano

Boarded by: Amy Heard, Brigette Nicole, Circe Bogart, Daria Cohen, June Vanotterdyk, Jess Sims, Kendraw Cook, Lorenzo Estrada, Louisiana Ramos, Megan Fisher, Perry Hull, Ray Reidland, Vivienne Medrano, Zi Chen

Production leads: Amy Heard, Lorenzo Estrada, Ashley Nichols, Kresset Rhodes, Colten Seamans, Tom Beuerlein

Animation: Adam Bohorquez, Al Pullen, Areg Savchenko, Ashley Caballero, Ashley Nichols, Bennett Joy Flores, Carolina Páez, Circe Bogart, Carlos Schvepper, Daria Cohen, Diego Mejía Pacheco, Fable Siegel, Freddie Elsom, Gabe Del Valle, Harry Partridge, Jesse J. Jones, Jephery Aaron Ledrew, Jenn Padilla, Joanna Davidovich, June Kind, Kressent Rhodes, Matthew Margerison, Michael Ruocco, Rafael Cauich Rivera, Ole Christian Løken, Ray Reidland, Sam Kessler, Vivenne Medrano, Zach Paulus, Zi Chen, Sebastian Velazquez Fajardo

Clean up: Al Pullen, Alex Morgan, Alice Chrosny, Andrea Alcaraz Loman, Areg Savchenko, Ashley Caballero, Ashley Nichols, Bennett Joy Flores, Benjamín Santiago Ávila, Brandon Islas Madrigal, Charles Moss, Colten Seamans, Dana Corrigan, Elisa Moya, Emiliano Rangel, Gabriel Pérez Valle, Georges Edwards, Isabelle Caron, Ivan Odongkara, Jacob McCaw, Jenn Padilla, Joey Andrade, Joshua Palmer, Julio Marquer P, June Kind, Kaishu Mennella, Karli Melder, Kevin Martinez Bringas, Kimi Kurbanova, Kressent Rhodes, Kris Quinones, Magpie Raven Blackford, Morgane RMB, Nathan Wheeler, Nicholas Walstrom, Perry Hull, Philippe Watson, Phui Jing Ling, Rachel Trebicki, Ryan Moberly, Tina Tomar, Ting Taylor, Tom Beuerlein, Vivenne Medrano, Yotty Kim, Zach Paulus, Sebastian Velasquez Fajardo

Compositing: Andrew Stadler, Carolina Páez, Colten Seamans, John McColgan, Josh Berkman, Magpie Raven Blackford, Nicholas “Cole” Jordan, Rafael Cauich Rivera, Sara “Serval” Fisher, Vivenne Medrano

SFX animation: Andrew Stadler, Carolina Páez, John McColgan, Josh Berkman

CGI and visual effects: Josh Berkman, Magpie Raven Blackford, Nicholas “Cole” Jordan

Effets visuels : Andrew Stadler, Carolina Páez, John McColgan, Josh Berkman

Musical score: Evan Alderete, Gooseworx, Thomas Ryan

Sound design: Gooseworx, Kennedy Phillips, Christopher Moore, Thomas Ouziel, Hamed Hojamzadeh, Melodygun

Credits to the voices

Casting: SVivienne Medrano, Dave Capdevielle

Voice direction: Seth O. Atkinson, Dave Capdevielle, Vivenne Medrano

Voices actors:
Charlie (singing voice): Elsie Lovelock
Angel Dust, chœurs additionnels: Michael Kovach
Sir Pentious: Will Stamper
Les Eggbois: Joe Gran
Cherri Bomb : Krystal Laporte
Katie Killjoy: Faye Mata
Tom Trench: Joshua Tomar
Vaggie: Monica Franco
Charlie: Jill Harris
Chœurs additionnels : Fabrice I.
Alastor : Edward Bosco
Alastor (singing voice): Gabriel C. Brown
Niffty: Michelle Marie
Husk: Mick Lauer

Featuring: Don Darryl Rivera, James Monroe Iglehart, Maxwell Atoms

Additional Voices: Amin Elgarch, Dave Capdevielle, Maxwell Atoms, Perry Hull, Raymond Hernandez, Sara “Serval” Fisher, Vivenne Medrano, Xander Mobus

Credits to the musics

I’M Always Chasing Rainbows
Original by Harry Carroll & Joseph McCarthy
Arranged by Thomas Ryan
Performed by Elsie Lovelock

Inside of Every Demon Is a Rainbow
Written by Parry Gripp
Additional Lyrics by Dave Capdevielle & Vivenne Medrano
Performed by Elsie Lovelock

Alastor’s Reprise
Music by Parry Gripp
Lyrics by Dave Capdevielle & Vivenne Medrano
Performed by Gabriel C. Brown
Backing vocals by Chase Beck

Creds Shred
Guitars by Lyle Rath
Arrangement by Andy Stein
Mixing by Shawn Christmas

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