Alexis Loves David, But Does He Love Him the Same? Watch Été 85 a Romantic Film by François Ozon

Alexis Robin joué par Félix Lefebvre et David Gorman joué par Benjamin Voisin dans le film Eté 85 de François Ozon sorti en 2020

Alexis is very convincing when his friend Kate disguises him as a girl so that he can see David one last time. David is also very stylish, and would make a handsome femboy as well. That is why we have selected them to appear in Femboy Magazine. They would be two femboys of degree 2 on the Femboy scale. In addition, the film tells a love story between two boys. This is all we love!

Alexis met David during the summer of 1985 in Normandy. After a heroic act, the enterprising David flirt with the introvert Alexis who does not resist for long to his charm as a beach trader. The circumstances helping, the two boys will live a romance which does them a lot of good. But like a storm that hits when all seems peaceful, evil is never far away. Between temptations and inner demons, Alexis and David must face many obstacles to defend their couple. But what does David really think of love? When there is a drama, society needs answers. Unable to speak correctly, Alexis will begin to write the novel of his tragic story.

Été 85 immerses you in the world of France in the 80s where young people had neither internet nor cell phones to communicate. It was a world where human relationships were different from today. The contacts were more direct and more spontaneous. The dredge more assumed. Without the intermediation of electronic machines, people were talking eye to eye. There were more opportunities to connect with those we love. For example when Alexis had to approach her distant father to ask him to take a letter written to Kate. So Summer 85 is a film that will take you back in time! Change of scenery guaranteed!

Information on the audiovisual work

Original title: Été 85

Director and screenplay: François Ozon, based on the novel La Danse du coucou (Dance on My Grave) by Aidan Chambers

Sets: Benoît Barouh

Costumes: Pascaline Chavanne

Music: Jean-Benoît Dunckel

Photography: Hichame Alaouié

Sound: Brigitte Taillandier

Editing: Laure Gardette

Production: Éric Altmayer and Nicolas Altmayer

Production companies: Mandarin Production and FOZ

Distribution company: Diaphana Distribution (France)

Country of origin: France

Original language: French

Format: color – Super 16 – 1.85: 1

Genre: drama

Duration: 100 minutes

Release dates:

France: July 2, 2020 (Lyon); July 14, 2020 (national release)

Belgium: July 15, 2020

French-speaking Switzerland: July 22, 2020

Information on actors and actresses

Félix Lefebvre: Alexis Robin

Benjamin Voisin: David Gorman

Philippine Velge: Kate

Valeria Bruni Tedeschi: Madame Gorman

Melvil Poupaud: Mr. Lefèvre

Isabelle Nanty: Madame Robin

Laurent Fernandez: Mr. Robin

Aurore Broutin: the educator

Yoann Zimmer: Luc

Bruno Lochet: Bernard, the guardian of the morgue

Antoine Simony: Chris

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