Ulrik William Græsli Plays the Handsome Lars de Dracas in The Heirs of the Night

Ulrik William Græsli - Lars de Dracas - Heirs of Night - Les héritiers de la nuit

Lars is a young and handsome vampire from the Dracas family from Norway. His family had participated in the Clan Wars in Europe. This conflict was between the great families of blood vampires who all descend from the famous Dracula.

In order to unite their strength against the new threats that are looming, the clans decide to gather their heirs in a floating school, aboard a huge boat: The Elisabetha (which is the first name of the beloved of Dracula who died of grief after believing in the disappearance of her lover).

Vampires derive their magical powers from rubies created from the blood of Eglisabetha and the tears of Dracula. These precious rubies arouse a lot of envy. Under the tutelage of the Nosferas of Italy, each student must teach their classmates the magic techniques of their family.

Lars can read minds. At first he shows himself as a pretentious boy, demanding that the elders no longer see him as a child. Certainly the powers of his clan are powerful and his father is a feared man. But nothing can justify his condescending behavior towards others. His meeting with the mysterious Alisa von Vamalia of the vampire clan of Germany will change him. He will mature and make real friends.

At Femboy.fr we love the character of Lars de Dracas. At first, he has a beautiful style between the masculine and the feminine. Indeed, her long blonde hair magnifies her superb square face. Especially since her dark clothes give her a very pleasant gothic look. Secondly, his personality is exemplary. First presented as a bad boy, he will evolve into the dream hero following his meeting with Alisa, the central character of the story. Do you think these two will end up together?

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Heirs of the Night is a Norwegian television series authored by Diederik van Rooijen. The screenplay is based on the Die Erben der Nacht book series by Ulrike Schweikert.

The French-language adaptation has been broadcast on Amazon Prime Video since June 4, 2020.

Series indications

Title: The Heirs of the Night

Director: Diederik van Rooijen

Screenplay: Ulrike Schweikert, Diederik van Rooijen and Maria von Heland

Artistic direction: Algis Garbaciauskas, Silvia Nancu and Martins Straupe

Sets: Martins Eiduks

Costumes: Monica Petit

Photography: Rolf Dekens

Editing: Moek de Groot, Stanley Kolk and Ruben van der Hammen

Music: Stein Berge Svendsen and Bart Westerlaken

Casting: Iveta Dortane, Nikica Kekic, Mette Holme Nielsen, Alice Purser and Belinda Sørensen

Production: Dorothe Beinemeier, Synnøve Hørsdal, Philipp Kreuzer, Petter Onstad Løkke, Leontine Petit, Jörg Schulze and Fleur Winters

Executive Producers: Aija Berzina, Ben Bouwmeester, Jet Christiaanse, Alise Gelze, Sinisa Juricic, Eva Visser and Marianne van Hardeveld

Production companies: Lemming Film, Hamster Film, Maipo Film, Maze Pictures, Nukleus film, Scope Pictures and Tasse Film

Budget: $ 15 million

Country of origin: Flag of Norway Norway

Genre: Fantastic

Duration: 26 minutes

Release date :

Norway: October 25, 2019

France: June 4, 2020

Actors and actresses

Anastasia Martin: Alisa von Vamalia

Ulrik William Græsli: Lars of Dracas

Charlie Banks: Tammo von Vamalia

Francesco De Vito: Count Claudio de Nosferas

Florian Bartholomaï: Hindrik

Jordan Adene: Malcolm de Vyrad

Liam Nicolosi: Luciano de Nosferas

Ines Høysæter Asserson: Inger de Dracas

Scarlett Rousset: Joanne de Pyras

Mina Dale: Fanny de Dracas

Lena Kvitvik: Karen of Dracas

Lance West: Nicu

Simonetta Bortolozzi: Countess Viola de Nosferas

Julian Bleach: Dracula

Aisling Sharkey: Ivy

Christina Chong: Calvina

Sallie Harmsen: Tonka de Upiry

Pietro Ragusa: Umberto

Hildegard Schmahl: Elina von Vamalia

Anna Drijver: Anna von Vamalia

Tatjana Nardone: Raphaela

Vegar Hoel: Baron Magnus of Dracas

Annick Christiaens: Baroness Audrey de Pyras

Leo Wringer: Sir Milton of Vyrad

Monic Hendrickx: Elisabeta

Finian Duff Lennon: Seymour of Lycana