Will You Be a Good Guy or a Bad Guy? Play As Kris the Little Femboy of Deltarune an Awesome Video Game Created by Toby Fox

Delatarune : Susie, Kris et Ralsei - Dessin fait par aocove publié sur Twitter

Delatarune - Susie, Kris & Ralsei - Aocove - Twitter

Kris is an adorable little boy who still needs his adoptive mother – Toriel – to take him to school. After a nice hug to her mom – who looks like a goat – Kris arrives in class late. All his comrades already have a teammate for the group project decided by Alphys the teacher. Suddenly Landing Susie, a female who looks like a muscular male horse. For the penalty, Kris and Susie must team up. Alphys sends them to get some chalks. The supply room is mysteriously without light. Advancing in the dark, Kris and Susie fall into a hole and land in the Dark World, the world of darkness, populated by monsters stranger than each other. Kris and Susie meet Ralsei who tells them a prophecy concerning them. In their quest to restore balance, they are tested by Throwing Son of the King of the Dark World.

In this great role-playing video game, which will take you on a journey through a world of dreams and nightmares, you play Kris. You can choose different behaviors. The end of the story changes according to your choices. The script and the music in this game are great. The graphics are all in pixel like the video games of yesteryear on Gameboy.

Delatarune le jeu vidéo sorti en 2018 réalisé par Toby Fox

Let's Play Deltarune |FBE Live

Deltarune is the subject of a worldwide craze. As evidenced by the many fans around the world who are inspired by Toby Fox’s video game to create derivative works.

Drawing published on Deviantart, a fanart by YoshiandBlinx representing Kris, Susie and Ralseil, the main characters of Deltarune the video game created by the American developer Toby Fox

Cosplay de Deltarune, Kris et Ralsei, photographie publiée par Xiron_12 sur Twitter

TOP 10 Best deltarune animations

Remix by RetroSpecter of Field of Hopes and Dreams one of the original music of Deltarune the video game created by Toby Fox

Cover interpreted by Adriana Figueoa and FamilyJules of the song Don't Forget composed by Toby Fox for his video game Deltarune

Fan art of Deltarune, parody made by SmashBits Animations​

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